Email Marketing Pricing For More Quality
Traffic & Conversions

Email Marketing Pricing

Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

Move Email Marketing Leads From One Stage to the Next

Grow Your Email List

Grow your email list with hot leads. We will help you grow your email list by developing lead magnets, or special offers, and promoting it. Our advertising specialists will advertise your lead magnets on relevant channels to attract new leads. Our email specialists will also help you integrate email call-to-actions on your website to convert website visitors into email leads.

Example of Lead Magnet

Increase Engagement Through Email Marketing

Increase email opens and click-through-rates

Send Engaging Email Newsletters

Our email marketing pricing includes email newsletter design, copywriting, and sending. Our email marketing specialists will get to know your business and craft emails that adds value to your email leads. Our email marketing specialists will also follow-up best practices when creating your email campaigns.

Warm-up Your Leads & Make Them More Likely to Buy

Drive qualified traffic to your website and more sales today.

Nurture Your Email Leads

Our email marketing services include lead nurturing. We will nurture your leads through sending consistent emails on a monthly basis. In addition, we develop automation sequences, or “drip campaigns”, to send your audience a systematic flow of emails that is most likely to convert your leads. Our email marketing pricing includes the development and maintenance of email automation sequences.

Example of Email Automation

Improve Email Deliverability & Avoid The Spam Folder

Avoid deliverability issues related to your emails not reaching your subscribers.

Improve Email Deliverability

Our email marketing pricing includes list management. List management is the ongoing process of monitoring your contacts. Our email marketing specialists will search for unengaged contacts and remove them from your list. This will help your email deliverability and prevent your emails from going to spam.

Example of List Maintenance

100% Custom Email Marketing Pricing

Flexible Email Marketing pricing so you get exactly what you need.

Email Marketing Pricing

Our prices for email marketing ranges from $300/month and up. Our pricing is fixed and is based on the amount of emails and drip campaigns we are managing for your business. Our price does not include the cost of email marketing software, unless you use one of our preferred email vendors. Our price also does not include the cost of any advertising service necessary to grow your list, such as social media advertising, or search engine advertising. The value of our email marketing services is that it will help you engage your email leads, speed up your sales cycle, and save you the time and headache of trying to implement this on your own.

Why Progress Media Group for Email Marketing

A few reasons our clients love our email marketing pricing.

Our Contracts are low-risk

We are managing advertising campaigns, right now, that are We offer initial contract terms of 3 months. After the initial contract term is complete, your account will be serviced on a month-to-month basis. You have the option to cancel at anytime with a 30 day written or digital notice if you are not happy with your email marketing campaign. After 30 days, we will cancel all services and return any information we have back to you. However, prospective clients should be aware that it normally takes 3-6 months to see substantial results through email marketing.


We are a full-service firm


Our agency can manage more than just your email marketing campaign. We offer full-service solutions to help you grow your business and fuel your email marketing efforts. For example, we offer advertising services to grow your email list. And, we offer blogging services to engage your email list and drive traffic to your website. Use a full-service email marketing agency to help you through every component of your online marketing strategy.


Get more for your money


Spending your entire budget on an email marketing agency is like buying a car without gas. We have designed our email marketing services to fit any small business owner’s budget. This allows you to lower your costs by avoiding hiring a full-time employee, and using an experienced agency that will generate more results.

Still Have Questions?

Our email marketing pricing is completely customizable to fit your business.

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